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Sizing Guide

The Jaden Lam Signature Shirt

Men 5’9” and under should avoid weaing or buying shirts and sweaters that are too big or too long. shirts and sweaters are designed and proportioned to better fit more compact and athletic builds. All shirts are hand sewn, with attention paid to every detail from button spacing to pocket size to shoulder width, and more.

Tailored shirts are designed with slimmer shoulders, narrower collars, higher armholes and chest pockets, tapered waists and can be worn tucked, without bunching or untucked without seeming oversized. Sweaters are made from soft merino wool and feature subtle patterns and proportions that complement smaller and athletic body types. Take a look at just some of the design elements we've added to high quality fabrics from Italy and Turkey that are designed to create the perfect shirt silhouette. I wanted to create clothing for people like me who are unwilling to compromise fashion for fit. I'm 5'6" and I've always had trouble finding clothes that fit properly and I know I'm not alone. So I've designed a ready-to-wear line that is specially sized, proportioned and styled for men of my size. My mission: Create great looking clothes for great looking men who are short in stature, but not short on style.

Short Rise Trousers

Men 5'9" and under should avoid trousers that are too saggy or bulky. This takes away rather than enhances your personal style. SHORT RISE trousers have modern flat fronts, shallower front and back pockets, and shorter inseams than those typically found hanging in department stores.

Our trousers are carefully hand-tailored in Italy with incredible attention to details that will make you look your best from top to bottom and front to back. Shorter rises, shorter inseams and more keep everything in proper proportion and you looking your best.